History of SPBLA


In 1924…

when the Department of Health and Hospitals developed codes to protect the people of Louisiana, the Louisiana Plumbing Law was enacted and the State Plumbing Board was created. The State Plumbing Board continues to fulfill our fiscal responsibilities as well as protect the health and welfare of the people of Louisiana initially doing so by moving forward to the enactment of the Louisiana Master Plumber Licensing Law in 1990. You must pass an examination in order to be licensed to perform or install plumbing work.

In addition to the Master and Journeyman Plumber licenses, the State Plumbing Board issues Water Supply Protection Specialist (WSPS) endorsements, Medical Gas Installer licenses, and Medical Gas Verifier licenses. As of January 1, 2017 the board now issues Natural Gas Fitter, Master Natural Gas Fitter licenses along with apprentice registrations.