JOURNEYMAN EXAMINATION – To qualify for the Journeyman Plumber examination, an applicant must have, at least five (5) years or 8,000 hours full-time experience in the plumbing trade. The application is required to be signed by three currently licensed Journeyman or Master Plumbers who have personally known the applicant to be full-time employed in the plumbing trade for the period of time they are verifying. Click here for your exam registration and vouchers.┬áThose applicants who qualify for the Journeyman examination are eligible for a permit. The work permit will allow the applicant to work as a Journeyman Plumber until the scheduled examination, whichever comes first. If an applicant takes the examination and fails, he will have to work under the supervision of a licensed plumber. On January 1, 2017 the board will no longer accept vouchers and all applicants will have had to completed an approved apprenticeship program school. Please contact the Louisiana Workforce Commission to find an approved school near you.
MASTER EXAMINATION – To qualify for the Master Plumber examination an applicant must hold a current Journeyman Plumber License or a current restricted Master Plumber License or a LA. Professional Engineers License with 5 years experience in the plumbing trade. Contact the SPBLA for more information on the temporary work permits.

Job Site Signs: Each employing entity shall display a job site sign plainly visible from the street at every place where it and its employees are performing plumbing work. The sign shall designate the employing entity’s full name, address, telephone number and Master Plumber license number in 2″ lettering. Louisiana License Master Plumber may be abbreviated as “LMP XXX”.
Service Vehicles: The employing entity shall also identify itself by permanent signs or lettering affixed to its service vehicle on both sides indicating the same information required of job site signs, except the license number can be abbreviated as “LMP XXX”.
Public Advertising: All public advertising, solicitations, customer invoices and business correspondence issued by or on behalf of an employing entity shall set forth the information described herein.
Your State Master Plumber License Number must be displayed in all public advertising to be in compliance with the law. If found to be in violation of the posting requirements, enforcement fees will be assessed and appropriate action will be taken.
If additional information is needed with reference to this notice, call the administrative office of the State Plumbing Board of Louisiana.
All Master Plumbers in the State of Louisiana are required by law* to carry general liability insurance, vehicle liability insurance (on all service vehicles), and worker’s compensation insurance (if you have employees). The State Plumbing Board of Louisiana must be listed on the certificate of insurance as holder. Proof of current insurance must be submitted at renewal each year. If you do not have employees, you must complete an affidavit stating that you do not have such employees.
Your license can not be issued without proof of insurance.